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Thursday, October 14, 2010


life is still very much happening...with the kids, it feels like we just go to sports events (i followed the bus today- tk told me i was stalking them...), or picking up from something. but, in the mix of all of this, i have made some wonderful new art and have managed to get into another gallery (ok- so, the owner is my bff- still, a new gallery), and we will be the featured artists on the second floor of the goss opera house in watertown, south dakota.

what a space!! it is totally amazing! my mom and i met with the art manager yesterday, and our three generation art show is the first show ever on the second floor. i have to admit i was a little disappoint that the website did not mention anything, but, we are the first to show there and i think we are the guinea pigs...but, it is totally amazing.

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