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Friday, January 10, 2014


as i have read several blogs lately- there has been a theme with everyone choosing their "word for the year." and several people have said,- "oh, the word will come to you..." okay, really?! because each word i have considered somehow has not felt like a true, i have been stewing over this word for the year, wondering what word would be mine.

i had stumbled upon a "glory hole" of ephemera a couple of months ago and when i asked what was going to happen to all of this wonderful paper the owner told me they planned on burning it. when i asked if i could have it, they so course thought i was completely insane and could not for the life of them figure out why i would want such garbage.....they were also concerned about some of the receipts having their name on it and confidentiality.  after i explained what my plan for this wonderful paper was and that i promised to be discreet- they agreed to give it to me, but only after they had gone through it to remove anything they felt may be too sensitive.

as the weeks went by, i was beginning to doubt that i would get any of the papers, but, .....yesterday i got my first bag!

and, with this first bag, my eyes wanted to see what was in this bag; and then, i could not keep my little creative fingers from rummaging through, and once the fingers had been in the bag and sifted through the papers- well, then, my little creative mind, had to jump in and wanted to start glueing and sticking, and arranging, stamping, and picking colorful paint and inks.....

which brings me back to the original paragraph and this whole word for the year word is "here."

i am "here"- right now. 

and this word was calling me from inside the ephemera bag- and it is comfortable. it fits perfectly. 

reminding me of the long journey of where i have been; and makes me proud of the lessons learned and the goals met. reminds me to be humble and thankful all at the same time.

 i am here.

i am engaged, and wanting to grow and ready for more because i have


  1. If you gotta have a word, "here" is a good one! How fortunate of you to inherit all that wonderful ephemera! Have a great weekend Kristin! xo

  2. Kristin, the Women's Circle Traveling Art Journal is going to start soon. Since you would like to participate and we would love to have you participate, stop by the blog to check the details!!!


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